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Online stores to help support sales of products and services for your business
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Sales and Stock Management

Enabling confident digital businesses

Business operations can be made easily when moving to an online store. Manage your business operation digitally through automatic stock levelling and automatic delivery and postage cost calculation upon sales, stock level notifications (to you and suppliers), online payment processing for orders and invoices are deployed automatically upon sales.

Customers can buy now, and/or save their shopping cart and order history with digital accounts. They'll feel secure to pay for products online and you'll be confident and well supported with a complete ecommerce management solution. Our top solution is our own product POSconsole. We also build stores in WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

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Customer Communications

Sales notifications and alerts

Communication is important and promotes buyer confidence. Sales payment processing, invoicing and delivery tracking and progress alerts are deployed automatically to customers upon and during the order process. Customers receive updates via emails, and you'll be notified on stock levels, and alerted to orders and changes every step of the way.

Customers will feel valued with automatic emails updating them on order status, successful transactions and thanking them for their business.

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Customer Activity & Sales Reports

Tracking and reporting consumer behaviour

What are your best sellers? How often are orders being completed by customers? Through an online store, customer decision making and consumer behaviour information is captured to help improve your sales and optimise your online store and eCommerce experience.

Get emailed, or view online, the busiest months, products, times your customers buy, to help you forecast, and make sales choices. Obtain insights on store and stock performance, from regularity of customer purchases.

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Customer Online Support

Providing buyer confidence

Supporting your customers will help ensure ongoing, and return business and word-of-mouth marketing. A secure online shopping experience is complete with purchase order alerts as the order progresses along the supply chain, and customers can send either email or use internal chat communication for questions or changes along the way.

Accessible online stores with easy shopping experience. Add products/services to cart, checkout and invoice.

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Appointments and Bookings, Digital Gift Cards, Admissions and Ticketing

A complete, innovative automated online sales digital tool kit. Manage your services, events, tours, professional services and operations easily with POSconsole. This is our proprietary software, and a free option for customers looking to simply upgrade their existing physically managed operation easily and make the transition to online sales and management. Sell products, digital gift cards, admission and events tickets online, provide online bookings with prepayment and much more.

travelvax - travel health services australia
"We're very satisfied with the e-commerce solution offered by worktrainweb - our online store performs really well and we've had great reports from both consumers and suppliers on its ease of use. With the orders process including automated receipts, notifications and updates for customers, it has definitely been an asset to our business operations and customer service. Many thanks worktrainweb"
Tonia Buzzolini