Moodle Peer-check Quiz Functionality Is Here


Being active in the Moodle community, we’re always looking for gaps in functionality and ways to support enabling functional possibilities through appropriate and intuitive means of development, guided of course by optimised back and front-end user experience considerations. Recently, we became aware of the need for ‘social confirmation’ during answer checking for students. Namely, a…

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Rollout of Brisbane’s QR Guest Register system


We’re proud to announce the release of Queensland’s secure, discreet, COVID-Safe QR Technology Based Guest Registry System. It’s called QR Guest Register and it was hatched in Brisbane, Australia. We’ve begun releasing it across the city, to help reduce the continuation of the pandemic, whilst helping the government retain tracking initiatives to improve public safety….

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Boost Your Promotional Efforts with These 5 Tried and Tested Marketing Resources


Marketing is a challenging task even for the most experienced marketers. Depending on your niche, you are competing against numerous and often well funded competitors. How do you make inroads into a new market or expand your market share in that case? If you can’t compete based on resources then it’s time to leverage free…

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Is Your Market Worthwhile?


Many businesses that establish themselves without putting proper thought into defining a good market, may subsequently fall off the radar sooner or later, or fail to succeed beyond banal profits and income. The idea of a good market is a crucial aspect for any new business to consider, and if your idea doesn’t satisfy a good market,…

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How to Successfully and Confidently Rebrand Your Web Based Business


Rebranding your business can be a time consuming and costly undertaking. Large corporations often spend millions of dollars on their rebrands. They do so for a reason. A successful rebrand can elevate your business to the next level so it’s a worthwhile effort.  This article will cover a few helpful tips on how to rebrand…

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Web Design Top 3 Digital Responses During COVID-19


COVID-19 has been a challenge for many of our clients. From temporary business closures, through to moving schedules back by months. This has meant there’s been a strong need for digital communication with customers, and a shift to new ways of operating, and perhaps digital opportunities to support social distancing measures. But we’re happy to…

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Top 3 Core Business Values Underlying Your New Website


When refreshing your businesses website, it’s time to put yourself in your customers shoes, whilst also balancing your own concept of progress made over the years, coupled with resolve that points to the value you’re providing your customers, your accomplishment and achievements your proud of and sense of purpose you’ve defined to be sure you’re…

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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Goals to Set In 2020


Social media platforms have become an important marketing tool in today’s digital world. However, they keep on evolving and force marketers to find out new methods for approaching target customers. Today, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others have more than four billion users worldwide. Thus, a brand needs to do its best…

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Inspiring Business Ideas from Mike O’Hagan of Mini Movers


Mike O’Hagan – founder and owner of Mini Movers – is an innovative entrepreneur, speaker, has personally mentored many people within circles close to me and has won many awards for his work and achievements in business – his undoubted field of expertise. I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Mike – a…

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