Web Design Top 3 Digital Responses During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a challenge for many of our clients. From temporary business closures, through to moving schedules back by months. This has meant there’s been a strong need for digital communication with customers, and a shift to new ways of operating, and perhaps digital opportunities to support social distancing measures. But we’re happy to report that resilience has prevailed and many of our clients are operational again, and in many cases, different to before.

We’ve been able to assist our clients extensively during COVID-19.  The top 3 ways we’ve been able to really address business operation, and strengthen our client’s business response and resilience include:

  • Some of our clients have needed solutions for contact tracing, including added details for digital bookings, as well as increased ‘spacing’ and adjusted/reduced ‘session sizes’ within specified time-slots.
  • Communication as mentioned has been understandingly imperative for businesses and clients, and we’ve helped customer engagement through new websites in response to changed conditions, website banners to show times and visitation guidelines, website announcement widgets to further support informing customers and general public.
  • We’ve also helped businesses move to online forms of delivery (such as membership-based subscription services in eLearning and training spaces, and have helped aid customer engagement digitally with businesses operating by mail or reduced in-person appointments to improve customer experience and the continuation of business for our clients.

It’s been a ground shifting exercise, but we’re happy to report stronger relationships as a result between not only worktrainweb and our valued clients in the physical-digital world, but even-more flexible businesses models and a greater levels of relationship strengthening between our clients and their customers. Support and trust that has been fostered during this time, and flexibility in valuing and continuing to meet customer needs. We’ve loved being instrumental in strengthening this iron triangle with our clients and their customers, and we extend the service outwardly of course. If you’re looking to shift more to online/digital service delivery, or want to explore possible ways you can service clients remotely, or are just interested in alternative technology options that could support your business operations, or simply would like a new way to retain and develop relationship communications with your customers, then we’re always around to explore ideas, plan (and implement) digital and ‘distance-workable’ and friendly solutions for your business.

LC Jewellers

L.C. Jewellers commenced in 2004 when Larry Corbo bought on board two talented jewellers to achieve the best service to large jewellery chain stores for repairs and hand makes. They bring together expertise and knowledge from various working backgrounds and training to harness the flexible workings and design of jewellery.

L.C. Jewellers also offer the latest in computer aided design technology, allowing strikingly accurate representations of designs. Combined this technology with the best quality casting services and proficiency in sourcing the right diamonds and coloured stones, you can let your imagination run wild.

L.C. Jewellers approached worktrainweb with the need for a beautiful website to showcase their amazing work and to provide potential clients ways to contact them. Visit L.C. Jewellers today for all your jewellery needs!

Sydgroup Australia

Sydgroup Australia are a Sydney based accountancy and business consultancy firm that has more that 20 years of valuable accounting and business services experience in Australia and China. Their specialty is they act as a bridge between Australia and China; They focus on serving Chinese clients wishing to invest or undertake business operations in Australia.

This website was built using our industry-leading $149 Website Package! We also created a logo to reflect what the business stands for. Check out J&J Australia today!

Mowing King

The king of lawn mowing and garden maintenance is now online and ready to serve customers located South of Brisbane!

Mowing King offers a complete package of services to suit your property and no challenge is too great! He specialises in regular maintenance for residential, commercial and body corporate customers.

Give the Mowing King a call today on 0488 669 464 or visit him online at Lawn Mowing Brisbane.

The Fashion Crunch

Recently we created a unique WordPress theme for a fashion-focused blog called ‘The Fashion Crunch’. The blog follows a famous, fashion obsessed, 20-something year old fashionista located in Sydney. Blog posts feature amazing photography, interesting clothing and interviews with people in the industry.

We created an impressive WordPress theme as well as customised and configured various WordPress plugins. Check out The Fashion Crunch now!

Do you have a blog that needs a refresh? Let us create a unique theme that will impress your visitors and keeps them coming back for more! Call us today on 0432 438 613 or email us at info@worktrainweb.com.au.

CFO Nexus

We’re excited to announce the completion of a brand new website for CFO Nexus which was launched last week at a spectacular launch party event in the heart of Brisbane!

The night was filled with amazing entertainment provided by some of Brisbane’s best local bands, great food and a surprising reveal of the CFO Nexus website which received a great response from the crowd.

Jodie McNab, founder and business principal said on the night she was excited about the launch of CFO Nexus and looks forward to providing quality business solutions and CFO services that guarantee peace of mind to the small to medium business owner.

worktrainweb is providing web design, hosting and SEO services as well as custom Facebook and Twitter apps.

Visit CFO Nexus today for more information and don’t forget to ‘like’ CFO Nexus on Facebook and stay up to date on the latest CFO updates and legislation changes that may effect you via Twitter!

Corro Raised Garden Beds

We’re excited to announce the completion of a site-wide refresh, online store
and product instruction sheet for Corro Raised Garden Beds.

Corro Raised Garden Beds are a Brisbane based company creating high quality round and connectable garden beds.