This week, I spoke with Bluewire Media’s Adam Franklin – an Australian-based entrepreneur, web-marketing expert and keynote speaker. I felt enlightened during our conversation by his inspiring and practical insight into business, and thought I might share some of the highlights with you.

  1. Adam, in business, what is one thing that you know now, that you’d wish you’d known many years ago?
    The fun is learning as you go. The adventure is learning this stuff. I’ve enjoyed not knowing and learning from books; doing, trial and error and discovering what makes money. So nothing specific really.
  2.  Who was your first mentor in business?
    Mike O’Hagan of MiniMovers.”
  3. You’re a keynote speaker and distinguished presenter. When you’re up presenting and your energy levels start to dwindle and you’re feeling perhaps like haven’t had your Weet-bix for breakfast, what do you do to keep going strong?
    “Firstly, I always try to get a good sleep 2 nights before the keynote (sometimes the night before you might be nervous, or be in hotel and not sleep that well). So if you get an early night 2 days out then that’s your ‘energy insurance’. Ideally I go for a run before the presentation to get the blood pumping and to be alert (or else push up and sit-ups in a hotel room suffice). If I’m truly jetlagged and sick (which has happened) and forgot my Weet-bix then I feed off the energy in the room and my own adrenaline. The butterflies you get before a talk is nature’s way of energising you properly – learnt to love that feeling. Speaking is so much better when you are prepared and you’ve done your 30 hours practice!”
  4. Where do you find your daily inspiration?
    “I get to do what I love every day, which is a great start. Plus I like to read books and blogs and listen to podcasts — there is always inspiration there. At the moment Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Michael Hyatt always seem to read my mind and deliver what I need to hear.”
  5. Finally, What is a great tip for maintaining excellent client relationships?
    “Always be generous, thoughtful and kind. On a more tactical level, jot birthdays and special dates in your CRM (customer relationship management system) and send them a card. Keep a stationery kit of thank you notes and cards. Send something to someone at least every week.”

We here at worktrainweb thank Adam for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us this week. May your insight and wisdom be a beacon providing light for helping those in business improve client relationships, business processes and of course provide inspiration for moving forward as it has for us. And also, I just want to plug his new book, co-written with Toby Jenkins titled “Web Marketing that Works”. This book is helping us to improve our email marketing process right now. To check out the book as well as 33 Free Marketing templates, click here.