You’re here because you’re looking into buying a website. Congratulations for taking the time to do your research. I assure you that you’ll benefit immensely from what you’re about to discover. Whether you’ve an existing website that needs upgrading or you’re entering unchartered territory there are a few important things you should consider before you get started.

Is your web developer business minded?

A very important concept to consider for anyone looking to buy a website is based around the question “is your potential web developer business-minded?” It’s a simple question that if explored during the early stages of deciding on a web development company, can be the difference between a discerning and powerful marketing tool and a “mediocre” website. Use your initiative and explore the business approaches of your potential web developer by asking them a few simple questions such as:

  • How did you decide on your own marketing campaigns?
  • What are your goals relating to the future of your business?
  • What are some innovative approaches you take as a business and how do you stand out from the crowd?

Test your web developer’s business knowledge. Think about your own goals and ideas for your business and mould them into questions that you can stick to your web developer. The more business-minded your web developer is, the greater the chance your website will be built as a proper business tool.

A website and marketing go together like yin and yang!

Today, your website is possibly your greatest marketing tool and simply having a great looking website isn’t enough. Your web developer should have it ingrained into their practices to primarily focus on your businesses goals when developing your website. And what is the main goal of any business – to find customers/buyers for their products and services. If your developer really knows what they’re doing, they’ll always put together a website package with this in mind, making sure they’re infusing strategically considered marketing techniques into the website from the get go. Some standard approaches for integrating marketing techniques into a website include blogs, social media streams that display on your website’s main page and using attractive and interesting forms to rake in potential customers to provide details.

It’s definitely about quality service

It’s easy to negotiate a good price for an old shirt but how do you work out what is a good price for web services? I believe this one comes down to proof of quality service. Say you wanted your driveway cleaned; you’d most likely call out a few companies and based on their punctuality, attention to detail and overall professional approach you’d be able to work out for yourself which one you see most fit for the job. When it comes to web design you don’t need to call out individual developers, you can simply gather true testimonials from the existing clients of your prospective companies. Visit portfolio pages of your potential web developers and ring their clients asking them about the quality of service they received. Questions like:

  • How helpful were they?
  • Did they listen to your requests and offer working solutions?
  • Do they follow up and ask you how everything is going?

It’s finding out whether your web designer/developer provides a top quality service and not simply a top-quality website that will justify extra money spent.

In conclusion, a solid foundation is essential for any website entering the web’s business world – which is most of them. The more business-minded, customer focused, creative and marketing driven your web developer/s, the better your website’s foundation will be. Good customer service is paramount to strengthening any client/web developer relationship and will allow you to convey your message effectively without any obtrusive lack of consideration on the other end. Employing a web developer who focuses on marketing and knows more than a thing or two about running a business will put you in a good position for getting yours going. Plant the seed of your business in the rich soil of a well-rounded web development company and you’ll notice the difference.