Web designers and developers are changing the world and not just pixel-by-pixel. The role, which is perpetually defining itself, and in contrary to popular assumption, extends well beyond the practice of exercising the creative muscle, processing layouts, aligning and animating buttons and making sure everything works ok in Internet Explorer. A web designer should incorporate into his skill set, the qualities that make him a businessman, a correspondent, good researcher and excellent communicator. These days, imagine your web designer as a spandex-clad figure with piercing abs, harbouring a cape, a pair of D&G slim line glasses and a MacBook (or just a smart guy or gal who seems themselves this way).

As a web designer, your journey onto the information super highway should begin with integrity. Being a designer of integrity means you demand quality, you will settle for no less and you should try to hold off offering your services until you can meet this prerequisite or have others around you that can help you to do so. It is integrity, mixed with passion and a solution oriented mindset that materialises the visions felt and conveyed by the client, with integrity more specifically being the core process that ensures that the developer has invested in his ability to deliver.

It is important for the designer to consider that their contribution is part of a much larger scale – thinking in terms of making content to add value to the web where value can be derived by others, avoiding adding to the mass of clutter that already exists. That’s why a web designer should take responsibility to be conscientious of their work acknowledging that what they produce can potentially reach billions of people. A good web designer will recognise their responsibility to be an ambassador of good practice and quality information on the web.

In modern times, web design has become a more intricate task. Although it doesn’t necessarily require a cape and abs of steel to get the job done, it does however require commitment, patience and a thirst for knowledge for bettering ones self, their service and the quality of their offering. Complacency is disabling in the wonderful sphere of web design and a personal investment into developing a core of integrity will help keep you grounded and on the straight and narrow to success with your work, production and ultimately success with your clients. At worktrainweb, we are devoted to good practice, delivering more than we promise and understanding that we can always do better.