International business travel often takes worktrainweb staff to exciting locations around the globe. Our most recent trip was to the land of the greenest green hills, seamless landscapes, lush forests and cheeky kiwi’s. Yes, it was an SEO seminar in New Zealand, and what a place to learn modern Web Design tips and tricks for our Brisbane based company.

Arriving in New Zealand ahead of time meant that the worktrainweb team could explore the spectacular and inspirational sights that the country had to offer before the exciting two-day, jam packed SEO seminar, which would ultimately have a massive bearing on our web design team. We were not disappointed. New Zealand’s North Island was absolutely stunning. We witnessed volcanic activity, a great culture and a magnificent environment.

The team climbing Mt. Tongariro

On Wednesday, after a typical New Zealand breakfast, we were ready for the big two-day SEO seminar. Itching to find out as much about modern SEO Web Design techniques as possible, the team split up, each to attend the separate events that were taking place concurrently.

Day one was all about SEO auditing. Most useful, we found, were the techniques of auditing websites built on particular content management systems that aren’t so friendly. We discovered that it’s not always best for a website to keep it’s existing content management system as it can have negative effects on SEO rankings and can also dramatically effect loading times. We found ways to improve our SEO auditing processes and work with the usual Twitter and Instagram features.

Shark Bay, White Island

Day two was all about Google friendly SEO marketing techniques. Google places appears to be a number one tool for use with modern web design and SEO, however we were given an insight into the many other essential tools that Google provides for maximizing a websites exposure. A key lesson that was taken away from this day was that Google will always reward the scrupulous SEO specialist with top website matches in their ever competitive organic search results.

conference nz

It was a rich and rewarding experience that inspired our team, renewed our spirit and brought a new frontier of search engine optimization to worktrainweb.

The Three Pools. Tongariro